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When organizing parties in large nightclubs, restaurants and festivals, the organization takes place in a completely different way. Clubs have event managers who design ideas for a party, a marketing team, ticket designers, posters, and the most important money for all these things.

When you are the owner of a small bar you have to do it yourself. You need to buy goods, groceries, make marketing, be an entertainer, and devise the whole party. Of course, none of this is a problem for you, because you love your job and you invest every part of yourself to succeed.

  • The hardest thing in organizing a party is to create and constantly find new ideas.
  • Even the best ideas get off quickly if you organize them too often. It’s easy to get bored, and sometimes you start getting nervous.

Just remember the party trash music of the ’90s. They are great fun, everyone knows songs and singing, but for the third time in a month and plenty of them for a lifetime. Listening to the same artist every weekend! That your favorite contractor would get bored after so many times. That’s why you do not want your entertainment to become a routine. With the best interational buffer catering in Singapore you will find the best deal here.


How to get a party idea?

Of course, most will search online, which is quite okay. There are too many on the internet, but do not take these ideas for granted. They can often be generic, as people often do not have anything to do with this job.

Here’s what the “catch” is. Get ideas from the internet as an inspiration!

  • Let them be in your head all day, think about what to change, how to spice them, how to be fun to your guests. I’m sure you’re going to make it right.
  • Connect more ideas into one. From the pub quiz you make a trivia, from the karaoke danceaoke …
  • We will show you the examples at the end of this text how to do it.
  • Another way to get to the idea is to ask your guests.

Who knows better than them, what will they have fun with?

Make a small survey – that can be great. A warm conversation with the guest can be quite enough. Everyone has one of their favorite parties on whom he was and whom he likes to talk about. Ask them about it, but keep in mind that these ideas can always be changed and adapted to your needs.

You’re not thinking about making money, but how to be fun!


This may sound controversial, but instead of thinking how to make as much money as you focus on the party. Of course, nobody wants to do business in the minus, but if you do partying with the goal of satisfying and having fun with your guests, the money will come safely.