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Get your toddler well never something delicious? I sometimes get that question. And although I find the question terrible (such a rigid parent I am not yet!), I understand where it comes from. In general, my child does not eat much sweetness. That does not mean, however, that he never eats something tasty. Of course we would like to make an exception to the rule with grandparents and grandmothers. But there are also a number of fine products that make responsible sweets easier. Today I share with you some of my favorites!

  1. Fresh Fruit

When we talk about sweets, fruit is obviously number 1. Maybe you do not see this as sweets…? I can imagine! Because fruit is very healthy! But my son is the largest fruit monster that exists. He enjoys intense fresh fruit. Grapes, banana, strawberries, blueberries, an apple, kiwi, and so on… At the bartons toys collectibles you will be able to have the best options now.

  1. A Wholegrain Sandwich Or Pancake With Sweets

My son usually just gets savory siege on his wholemeal bread. Think of hummus, cottage cheese and (goat) cheese. He does eat a lot of peanut butter, but I buy a sugar-free variety, so it is not sweet at all.

Sometimes he gets a sandwich with sweets! (I am talking about once or twice a week; by the way, I have to admit that this is not very common.) I am a fan of the Small Kitchen. They make organic bread fill suitable for children from about 8 months. Our current favorite is the chocolate spread with coconut blossom sugar! I love this chocolate paste. This is so much better than Nutella! No palm fat, but good fat from sunflower seeds. No ordinary sugar, but natural coconut blossom sugar. Do you really want to spoil your child? Then make a spelled pancake with this chocolate paste. We made this past weekend. Filling is guaranteed!

  1. A Box of Raisins

Yes, I know that if you turn the natural sugars from a box of raisins into sugar cubes that scares you. If you sometimes give your child a box of raisins, I would not go looking for it. But fortunately these are all natural sugars. In the raisins are nutrients, such as dietary fiber, minerals and the dust resveratrol, which is proven to have a cholesterol lowering effect. And that’s what I’m looking at: to what extent does my baby eat “empty calories”? Or are there essential nutrients in the product?

  1. Whole Grain Cookies Sweetened With Fruit

If I still give a cookie to my son I choose a biscuit made from wholegrain cereals , to make sure that he does not eat empty calories . I prefer to sweeten cookies with natural sugars, for example from dried fruit or fruit juice. For a day trip we sometimes put a bag of Raisins Rakkers in the bag. Eating a bowl of yogurt is not always useful!

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